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Jennifer Bassett

I have always known there was something different about me as I had dreams of loved ones from Heaven telling me they were coming for someone who was about to pass. However, it was my loving husband’s passing is what propelled me to where I am today.

I will be sharing our story & many other videos (readings) on YouTube via video blogs under my channel soon. 

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· Clairsentient – clear Feeling

· Claircognizant – clear knowing

· Clairvoyant – clear sight

· Clairaudient – clear hearing

· Clairtangency  - clear touching (also known as psychometry)

· Clairairalient – clear smelling

· Clairgustant – clear tasting


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 Readings are available in many different forms: Phone, Facebook Messenger, Text, Video Chat and in person. All have had amazing results!